About Me

I was born in South Korea and received an education there until high school. After completing high school, my curiosity pushed me to go travel to more than fifteen countries and live in China and Australia for about 1 year each. Currently I live in United State since 2007. My native language is Korean and I also can speak English and Chinese without problem. This not only helps to converse with other people, but also helps to understand them and their culture. I also served my mandatory military service in my home country, South Korea. I can honestly say that I overcame mental and physical hardships that most people cannot even imagine during that time, and therefore I was able to become stronger than most people in mind and body. I strongly believe these kinds of diverse experiences will help me in developing computer programs, which requires highly creative thinking.  I like traveling, drawing, playing guitar, golf, fishing and snowboarding. I love talk and arguing with people about social issues and technology.

Portfolio: www.StevePark.org

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